Our WebbWood forks go through an extensive sanding and polishing process leaving them with a glass-like high gloss finish.  WebbWood is resistant to moisture.

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Pictures of the WebbWood colors we Carry

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 Please note: WebbWood is not Dymondwood.  WebbWood is a resin-infused, dyed hardwood laminate which   is resistant to moisture.  Its look and properties are similar to Dymondwood.

 We have been looking for a replacement for Dymondwood (since it is no longer produced) and WebbWood   seems to be a good alternative.

 We will be adding additional colors in the future but there are fewer colors available in WebbWood than   there were in Dymondwood.

 Checkout our new Dymondwood replacement woods   (Dymalux, WebbWood, Frogwood®, and newly added Spectraply) under the Pictures of the  Woods we Carry Tab.

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