Checkout our new Dymondwood replacement woods   (Dymalux, WebbWood, Frogwood®, and newly added Spectraply) under the Pictures of the  Woods we Carry Tab.

Unique Ideas Crafted in Wood

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Our Frogwood® forks go through an extensive sanding and polishing process leaving them with a glass-like high gloss finish.  Frogwood® is resistant to moisture.

Pictures of the Frogwood® colors we Carry

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 Please note: Frogwood® is not Dymondwood.  Frogwood® is a resin-infused, dyed birch laminate which  is resistant to moisture.  Its look and properties are similar to Dymondwood.

 We have been looking for a replacement for Dymondwood (since it is no longer produced) and Frogwood®   seems to be a good alternative.

​ We will be adding additional colors in the future but there are fewer colors available in Frogwood® than   there were in Dymondwood.